Pardus 2009.1 Review

Posted in Pardus by jwilliams on February 4, 2010

Having tried the Pardus 2009 review, I was excited to try this upgrade (2009.1) since the previous one simply blew me away. They make this 2009.1 version on the year 2010 which is kind of odd, but I guess the changes were not worthy enough to make it a whole new version, or it was probably intended to come out a bit earlier.

Pardus is the official operating system of Turkey, and it is sponsored by the turkish government. It was made from scratch, that is, it is not based on another distribution like Debian or Slackware, which of course demands a lot of more work but it gives more freedom to customize it on every aspect desired. I wonder how those Turkish geeks managed to get the funding because as you will see later on, the result is remarkable, turks really know their Linux. (more…)